BodyMedia Core

The bodymedia fit core armband, small in stature however huge in constructing a healthier lifestyle, is an informing fitness device. When it comes to your physical fitness and weight loss strategy, it provides you the tools to take off the pounds and get to the core of the issue. recording over 5000 data points per minute utilizing four sophisticated sensors, this seriously wise device tracks whatever from calories burned, steps taken and levels of exercise to sleep.

Bodymedia fit armbands offer you the most precise calorie burn in the market, and the technology used in the bodymedia system has been clinically proven to enhance weight loss. The bodymedia fit system records your individual metabolic profile. This individualized information assists you determine what actions you need to require to reach your weight loss objectives.

The BodyMedia FIT Armband automatically and properly offers you round the clock details on calories burned, activity levels, steps taken and sleep quality. The CORE Armband shows your data on your computer system after linking it with a USB cord and can likewise be used in combination with the BodyMedia FIT Display device.

BodyMedia’s technology is also featured on The Most significant Loser in Season 14, which includes among America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels. All contestants are using BodyMedia FIT Armbands to supply them with precise and in-depth info to assist attain their weight reduction objectives.

The Activity Manager also includes FIT coach. The software analyzes the countless information points collected from your Armband and you are given private feedback tips such as eating something various, changing activity levels or concentrating on getting more sleep. All of the feedback you get is based on your real information.

After syncing the CORE Armband through the computer, you can see your most current synced data through the complimentary BodyMedia smart device app. Furthermore, you can log your foods using the app.

Apps that work with the Armband
– Withings – Never log your weight by hand again by connecting your Withings Scale account to your BodyMedia Activity Manager to have your weight entries sent out instantly.
– MyFitnessPal – Database of 2 million foods to make logging meals a snap. -.
– MyFitnessPal also provides a complimentary barcode scanner and an online community to diet with your good friends.
– Runkeeper – Turns your smart device into an individual trainer in your pocket.

When you wear a BodyMedia FIT Armband straight on your arm, it keeps an eye on calories burned, exercise strength, actions taken and sleep quality. If you wish to accurately monitor what’s going on inside your body, you need a system that is in touch with you day and night. It understands what you’re doing, when you’re doing it as well as the intensity of your effort.

Compatibility Info
Mobile phone evaluated to work with the LINK Armband and mobile apps consist of the iPad 3; iPad 2; iPad; iPhone (4S, 4 and 3GS); iPod touch (Fourth and 3rd generation); LG Ally; LG Optimus S; Motorola Droid (original, 2, and X); Samsung Legendary; Samsung Intercept; Samsung Transform; and Sanyo ZIO.

Finest when used with iOS 5.1 or later. Mobile devices running Android 2.3 or greater typically work, but have not all been checked and therefore can not be guaranteed by BodyMedia.

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