CanoScan 5600F

The Canon Canoscan 5600F Scanner is one of lots of scanners on the market that can deal with photographic prints, files and film originals (slides, negs, colour, B&W). The resolution is 4800 × 9600 dpi resolution, with 48-bit colour depth. This one is a little various in that it utilizes LED as the light, so offering high brightness and zero warm-up time when switched on.

The Multi-Scan mode can scan numerous images at once, then automatically discovers, straightens and develops a separate file for each image. The movie scanner can scan as much as 6 frames on a 35mm movie strip or 4 35mm installed slides. Submit formats consist of JPEG, PICT and TIFF. The 5600F is comparable in numerous methods to the Canon CanoScan 8800F, a more-expensive cousin that is much faster and features more software application.

Establishing the 5600F is definitely common for a flatbed scanner. Set up the software application, unlock the scanner, then plug in the power cord and USB cable. Canon states it also provides motorists and a full set of programs for Windows 2000 and Mac OS 10.3.9 through 10.5.x. The bundled software is restricted to Canon’s scan utility plus ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 for editing pictures, however the energy consists of optical character acknowledgment, so you can scan a document and turn it into editable text or a searchable PDF file.

In addition to letting you begin a scan utilizing the scan energy, the 5600F provides buttons on the leading front of the scanner. The options consist of Copy, Email (to release an e-mail message on your PC and add the scanned document as an attachment), and Scan (to raise the Canon utility and let you pick where to send out the scan). There are also three PDF buttons– one for scanning in color, one for scanning in black and white, and one customized button. To scan multipage documents to a single PDF file, you can consistently push the very same PDF button for each brand-new page, and then press the Complete button after the last page.

Like a lot of scanners, the 5600F includes both Twain and WIA chauffeurs, so you can scan from nearly any Windows program with a scan command. (Obviously, you’ll need to purchase any extra programs you want to use.) That’s something to bear in mind when you’re comparing the 5600F with other scanners. A more-expensive scanner that already has the software application you need may be more economical than the 5600F and the added software combined.

High-quality scans of both prints and movie (negatives and slides). LED source of light for reflective scans gets rid of warm-up time.

Scans only 4 slides or one strip of movie at a time. Dust and scratch elimination feature does little for scratches.

Getting the scanner going was surprisingly simple: load the software, unclip the maker locks, place a graphic or movie on the platen and begin the MP Navigator application. The journey was quite satisfying and uneventful: you can go automobile or handbook. Going with the automobile method all the brainwork is done for you and you end up with a scan in seconds; travelling manual, you engage with the scanner motorist and handle a whole phalanx of alternatives– like resolution, output size required and settings interested in FARE Level 3 scheme which minimises dust, scratches and fading. There seems no way to set highlight and shadow points.

It’s a bit sluggish and comes with little software application, the Canon CanoScan 5600F provides lots of worth thanks to its premium scans and low price. You can make life even much easier by using the buttons set into the front of the CanoScan; these can take care of tasks like copying and sending a document/image to a Canon printer, scanning a document and saving it as a PDF file, scanning and attaching a document to an e-mail and more.

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