Electrostatic Therapy

It is a procedure whereby the body cells are “recharged” by using a special high– voltage gadget to send safe-level electric present to the body by enveloping the body with a high-voltage electric field. The device can for that reason be called electrostatic therapy equipment.

Advantages of electrostatic therapy
The electrostatic devices my spouse uses includes the following accessories:
– Conducting seat pad, where you sit on it.
– Carrying out foot rest, where you place your feet on it.
– Conducting pressure pen, where you use it on particular spots.
– The equipment declares to offer the following benefits:
– Calcium in the blood will become ionized, maintaining a moderate alkaline state, enhancing blood circulation.
– The electrical vibrations at 50 times per second develop a stable electrical field which envelops the body and works deeply into every part of the body.
– Reliable for dealing with headache, stiff neck, migraine, muscle aches, insomnia, diabetes, irregularity, rheumatism, high blood pressure and cerebral thrombosis.

Electrostatic treatment is likewise called Electric Prospective Treatment Device or Energy Converter, it is a brand-new generation of hi-tech medical instrument designed and established in combination of sophisticated foreign electronic medical science and innovation with traditional Chinese medical theories. The product is patented with leading, advanced worldwide science and technology.

Electric Possible Therapy Device (Energy Converter) is a combination of 3 kinds of healing energy into one machine. It produces 3 kinds of restorative energy field, High Electric Potential Electric Energy Field, Unfavorable Electric Possible Energy Field and High Frequency Energy Field and 8 types of crucial physical aspects, Alternative Current High Voltage Electric Field, High Voltage Negative Electric Field, High Voltage Mid Frequency Energy Electric Field, Ion Stream Air, Unfavorable Ion, Ozone, Micro Electric Current and Mid Frequency Micro Electric Current.

How the electrostatic therapy (EST) works?
To understand how electrostatic treatment work, we need to know a bit of the nature of our body cells. We know our bodies are made up of cells, trillions of cells, 60 to 70 trillions of them in someone. This implies our health is dependent on the health of all the body cells. Every cell in our body has a small electrical charge of 40 to 90 millivolts. These cells are like minute batteries. This electrical charge in every cell is crucial to keep the cell healthy. Cancer cells only have 20 to 30 millivolts of electrical charge, making them irrational with their lower conductivity. In our present contaminated environment and unhealthy way of life, our body cells are exposed to excessive contaminants, totally free radicals, dangerous chemicals and the most recent killer, electro-magnetic radiation brought on by microwave ovens, computer system screens, high-tension wires, and cell phones (cellphones).

– EST is a basic, non-invasive strategy utilizing static electricity which produces quick demonstrable medical outcomes.
– The theory is that when an electrical submitted with high voltage Air Conditioner is applied on a human body, cells metabolism is stimulated by supplementing ions and the Acid-Base –
– Balance of Electrolyte in blood results adjusted.
– The H+ circulation of ions in the organism can optimally be directed. This is very important since beside others, the co-ordinates of enzyme, the Ca++ household, the proteins of transportation in the blood and the basic acid-base-homeostasis depend on these flows of ions and protons.
– Unusual physiology is related to abnormal electrical activity. Correcting the irregular electrical activity facilitates restoration of normal physiology.
– Electrostatic possible therapy gadgets use safe levels of high AC voltage potential to the body and produce an electrical field around it. This electric field promotes the sensory receptors in the skin, which in turn promotes the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain, to promote homeostatic functions. Likewise, the electrical field produces minute amounts of induced present, which penetrates the body and stimulates the metabolism.

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