Epson V600 Review

You can generally count on Epson scanners to deliver better than average bang for the buck. You ‘d expect a photo scanner at this cost to scan up to 4 35mm slides or more strips of 35mm movie at a time, as the V600 does. You probably would not anticipate it to likewise use a 6,400 pixel-per-inch (ppi) optical resolution along with scan medium-format film, including 120/220 and the whole variety of scenic formats as much as 6 by 22 centimeters. But the V600 does that too. The unforeseen extras help make it an excellent option if you have medium-format movie to scan and are on a tight budget.

The V600 fits in Epson’s line between the less expensive Editors’ Choice Epson Excellence V500 Photo, scanner and the more pricey Epson Excellence V700 Picture. Despite the equally spaced model numbers, it’s much better in price and ability to the V500, however it provides some essential additionals. In specific, it includes Digital ICE– the hardware-based approach for digitally removing dust and scratches– for both prints and movie. The V500 includes Digital ICE for film only.

Setup and Fundamental Scanning
I installed it on a system running Windows Vista, however according to Epson, it likewise comes with chauffeurs and a complete set of software for Windows 7, XP, 2000 and Mac OX 10.3.9 through 10.6. Like many scanners, the V600 comes with TWAIN and WIA drivers, so you can scan from the majority of programs with a scan command.

The V600’s scan utility will be familiar to anybody who’s dealt with a recent Epson scanner or MFP. The energy lets you begin a scan either from your computer or by utilizing among the 4 buttons on the scanner itself. One of the buttons merely brings up the scan utility on your PC. The other 3 are for copying (by sending the scan to your printer), e-mailing (by releasing an e-mail message on your PC and including the scan as an accessory), and saving to a PDF file (with the option set by default to recognize the text and save it in searchable PDF format).

As I’ve discussed in other evaluations, the Epson energy provides one particularly great touch for scanning to PDF files. After scanning each page, you can include another page by pressing a button on the screen or the scanner, or end the scan by pushing a various button. This isn’t as simple as scanning a multi-page file with an automatic document feeder (ADF)– it not does anything to help put the next page on the flatbed– but it’s as easy as it can be without an ADF.

From Completely Automatic to Complete Manual Control
Epson has actually likewise carried forward its full range of options for scanning modes, varying from completely automated to completely manual. The Full Automobile Mode lets you merely hit a scan button. The chauffeur prescans, evaluates exactly what it sees, picks appropriate settings, and scans. Home Mode and Office Mode include manual control over chosen settings. Professional Mode offers you complete manual control over advanced alternatives like color correction and tonal modifications.

It’s very much worth reference that the Complete Vehicle Mode does an exceptional job, to the point where even sophisticated users may have problem enhancing on the results for many originals. There are some features for enhancing scans that even the most casual user should take the time to explore.

For faded originals, the chauffeur offers a color restore option. Even more helpful is backlight correction to immediately repair pictures with, say, a dark face against a bright background. With both of these features, you usually need to see the prescan before you can choose whether to turn the feature on.

The motorist also provides both software-based dust elimination and the hardware-based Digital ICE, which takes multiple scans and examines them to remove the dust and discover and scratches. Digital ICE did the much better task (as expected, due to the fact that the numerous scans provide it more details to work with), but it also included artifacts sometimes. If you desire the best possible scan with dust and scratch elimination, you have to attempt it both ways for any provided original, then compare the outcomes.

– Optimum 6,400 ppi resolution
– 48-bit colour depth
– 4 Easy-scan buttons
– Quick begin LED light
– 3 level EpsonScan software

Top quality scans. Totally automatic mode for easy scanning. Scans both 35mm and medium-format film.

Scans just 4 35mm slides at a time. Weak on workplace tasks.

Bottom Line
The Epson Excellence V600 Picture uses premium scans for prints and both 35mm and medium-format film, plus an incredibly easy-to-use scan utility.

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