Fujitsu 6110

The fi-6110 is a performance scanner that fits on your desktop. Precisely precisely what’s more, it shares much of the ingenious innovation discovered in higher-end scanners, consisting of a 50 sheet automated file feeder ADF that accommodates a large variety of file sizes, Ultrasonic double-feed detection for greater security, and a business sheet function for feeding oversized or vulnerable a3 documents. The Fujitsu fi-6110 scanner’s small footprint and advanced function set make it a perfect solution for decentralized scanning applications. With its true, 600-dpi optical resolution and dual-CCD scanning ranges, it catches your documents’ finest details in color and monochrome.

Tackle Paperwork With Advanced Scanning Features
The fi-6110 scanner’s style consists of innovative technology frequently found in high-end scanners, consisting of high-speed USB 2.0 connection, a 50-sheet automated file feeder (ADF) that accommodates a wide variety of document sizes (2.1 in., and double-feed detection for trustworthy scanning. Plus at speeds up to 20 ppm (simplex)/ 40 ipm (duplex) it quickly and efficiently changes your paper files into more workable digital files.

PaperStream IP (32/64 Bit)
The PaperStream IP chauffeur takes the work out of image clean-up when scanning billings, ID cards, receipts, forms, or any other day to day paperwork. PaperStream IP immediately improves the image quality, eliminates undesirable backgrounds, and optimizes your scanned images for optical character recognition. If motorist settings require to be adjusted for uncommon and tough documents, our sneak peek function allows scan operators to see their modifications in real-time without time consuming re-scans.

PaperStream Capture
PaperStream Capture (PSC) makes advanced capture with Fujitsu scanners simpler than in the past. PaperStream Capture has a structured Interface to decrease training time and increase performance. Not only have we supplied users with the most common profiles used by customers– black and white, color, and auto-color– brand-new profiles are quickly produced or modified through a wizard. We have actually organized the release screen so that batches can easily be suspended or continued. PSC is also incorporated with PaperStream IP’s assisted scanning for visual cleanup of files. The reading of barcodes and patch codes make batch separation simple, improving document organization.

Centralized Performance
Whether the infrastructure is fixed or expanding, managing innovation effectively inside the company is key to lowering overall expense of ownership and the Fujitsu scanner supplies system administrators with innovative software tools to centrally manage the scanner more productively and cost efficiently.

Boasting a sophisticated function and a little footprint set, the Fujitsu Desktop Scanner fi-6110 makes a finest alternative for decentralized scanning environments. Supplying genuine 600dpi optical resolution and dual-CCD video electronic cams, this desktop file scanner catches your files’ finest info in grayscale, grayscale and color.

Plus, at accelerate to 20 ppm (simplex)/ 40 ipm (duplex) the Fujitsu Sheet-Fed Scanner quickly and efficiently modifications your paper submits into more workable digital files. Adobe Acrobat Requirement and ScandAll PRO energies are consisted of with this desktop file scanner, which allow you to quickly and quickly incorporate it into your workflow.Fujitsu Desktop Scanner fi-6110:2 x CCD (Charge paired device) image sensorsDesktop file scanner scans approximately 600 dpi24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale, 1-bit monochrome50-page automated file feeder with double-feed detection20 ppm (simplex)/ 40 ipm (duplex) scanning in white and black and colorFujitsu Sheet-Fed Scanner includes Adobe Acrobat Requirement and ScandAll PRO software.

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