GoPro 3 Silver vs Black

These 2 cameras look virtually similar. And while there’s a lot of overlap in their features, there are likewise some crucial differences. These 2 electronic cameras look practically identical. The only method you can inform them apart visually is with the very subtle difference in the “3” on the front– its color corresponds to the silver or black edition. Besides that, they look the very same. Both of these cameras are updates to their respective HERO3 models.Both of the 3+ designs included enhancements in image quality over their predecessors. There were also modest enhancements in battery life.

However while there’s a great deal of overlap in their features, there are likewise some crucial differences that are necessary to understand beforehand to make sure that the particular edition does what you require it to do. If you’re trying to find 4K video, for instance, the Silver isn’t really going to work for you. However if you don’t need the sophisticated functions of the Black, the Silver may be a more cost-efficient option.

Controls and User interface
These utilize the very same set of 3 buttons for controls. These buttons control not simply things like power on and off and the shutter, but likewise offer a method to browse through the menu options that are displayed on the little monochrome LCD screen on the front of the electronic camera. Both of these designs have wifi, so you can utilize GoPro’s Capture app to manage the settings and shooting and usage Smart Remote.

LCD Screen
Neither of these come with an integrated LCD screen on the back. You can include one to both utilizing the LCD Touch BacPac or an aftermarket option, both which you’ll need to get separately.

Protune is GoPro’s umbrella term for “expert” settings that offer you ore control over the sound and visual settings. With video and photo settings, that includes things like managing the white balance, limiting the ISO, changing the color and sharpness, and direct exposure payment. The Protune on the HERO3 Black also includes the choice to record in 24fps, the traditional standard for cinematic video. In terms of Protune, the difference in between these models is quite cut and dried. The Black has Protune choices, while the Silver does not.

Video Modes
There’s a fair bit of overlap between the video modes of these two cameras, but there are likewise some key differences. I have a comprehensive master list of the video modes offered on each electronic camera at the bottom of this page. The heading difference in the video modes is that the HERO3 Black shoots 4K video (4096 × 2160 at 15fps). If you’re shooting generally for sharing on the web, 1080p is usually more than sufficient (much web “HD” video is at 720p). Editing 4K video likewise consumes a lot of disk area and computer processing power (ie.

The HERO3 Black also added SuperView, what was then a brand-new extremely wide-angle mode. GoPro pitches it as its most immersive view. Like all recent GoPros, these designs shoot MP4 video files encoded with the H. 264 codec. Neither of these electronic cameras consist of on-board stabilization. That was something initially included the HERO5 models. When post-processing the video footage in something like Adobe Best or Last Cut Pro X.

Slow-Motion Video, you can utilize an external stabilizer or apply stabilization

Both of these have options for slow motion video, however it only operates at some resolutions. Basically, you’ll be searching for video modes that operate at 48 frames per second or faster so that they can then be slowed down in processing to supply the slow-motion effect.

Photo Modes
The Black has a somewhat bigger sensing unit. It produces 12MP images (4000 x 3000 px) compared to the 10MP (3680 x 2760 px) images of the Silver. While there’s not much in the numbers, it does permit the Black to have rather higher-quality pictures with finer detail. Both likewise have the alternative to set it for 7MP and 5MP photos if storage space is a concern (especially beneficial for timelapse).

In burst mode, the Black can do as much as 30 images in 1 second. Other modes are 3 images in 1 2nd, 5 images in 1 second, 10 pictures in 1 second, 10 photos over 2 seconds, 30 images over 2 seconds, and 30 images over 3 seconds. This gives you a great deal of versatility of you’re shooting still pictures of something that takes place really quickly, things like a skateboard dive or striking a baseball. The Silver can do approximately 10 pictures in 1 second in burst design. Other modes are 3 images in 1 2nd and 5 photos in 1 second.

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