Magic Wand Portable Scanner

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner – Ever want to put all of your images on your computer however didn’t have the time to sit there and scan one after the other? The VuPoint Solutions “Magic Wand” Portable Scanner allows you to scan the files that matter the most to you, and back them up on your computer.

PDSDK-ST470-VP Magic Wand
A lot of economically efficient method to digitize and organize your life– VuPoint Solutions’ Magic Wand w/docking station

– Handheld portable scanner will scan practically all flat media– from pictures, invoices, patterns on fabric, pages in a book/magazine, grandmother’s recipe, and more
– 1.5 inch color LCD sneak peek screen permits reviews of scanned images to ensure you have captured all that you needed before you leave the properties
– Auto color/white balance, as well as power conserving feature (turns power off after 3 minutes of standby) so that you will not have to tinker extensive calibration procedure
– Includes Paperport14 organizational software application to arrange all of your scans in your computer the way that you would like to have the scans arranged
– Lightweight and completely portable, take the scanner anywhere you go, even to household events and scan the old pictures in grandma’s picture album that she never ever discharges of her sight!

The unit supports Windows and Mac OS X without needing to install drivers, and can scan a letter-sized sheet in three to 12 seconds, depending upon the resolution you select.

1. The battery door moves down the bottom half of the long dimension of the system from below the Power/Scan key. VuPoint consists of the batteries with the unit.

2. Press and hold the “Power/Scan” secret for 2 seconds to turn on the scanner. Insert a microSD card into the slot on the side of the scanner above the recessed Format button.

3. Format the memory card if you have not utilized it prior to or want to eliminate previous scans. Use the pointer of a pencil or completion of a paper clip to depress the “Format” button till the scanner’s status display screen checks out “F.” Press the “Power/Scan” secret above the battery door to start the format procedure. When the SC card indication in the LCD show stops blinking, your card is prepared to use.

4. Set the date and time so your scanned files will reveal appropriate time stamps. Press the “Time Set” button on the side of the system, immediately above the USB port, with a pencil tip or paper clip. Use the “JPG/PDF” button next to the Resolution button to pick the year, month, date, hour and minute in series. Use the “Power/Scan” secret to validate each entry. When you end up setting the time, press the “Time Set” button again.

5. Press the “Resolution” button at the top of the system to cycle amongst the scanner’s 3 choices, which display on the LCD screen, and select a resolution.

6. Set the scanner at the top edge of the sheet with the LCD screen face up. Position the long dimension of the unit between three-fourths and five-eighths of an inch from the edge of the paper, with the portion of the sheet you want to scan located between the width markers on the scanner.

7. Put one hand on the file so you can hold it in location. Press the “Power/Scan” key to start the scan. Slide the scanner gradually and equally down the page with the system held flat versus the paper. When you reach the opposite end of the sheet, press the “Power/Scan” key again to stop scanning.

8. Plug the supplied USB cable into the port on the side of the scanner with the USB logo design on the adapter dealing with up. To copy scans to your hard drive or view them off the memory card, click on the “Open Folder to View Files” option on your screen.

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