Sansa Fuze

SanDisk’s MP3 gamers have actually long been the popular option to Apple’s all-conquering iPod players. Over the years they have actually managed to combine fantastic worth with decent usability and pretty slick design too. And Sansa players such as the venerable e-series and the more recent View have actually always stuffed the functions in.

Remarkably, though, it has taken SanDisk almost a year to react to Apple’s ‘new’ squat nano. We had the View months ago and the fantastic Clip, however neither took on the anodised iPod head on. The View was simply too big to match its pocketability and the Clip too cheap and chirpy. Now that the Fuze is lastly here, however, SanDisk at last has a direct rival to Apple’s most popular gamer.

The Fuze is still a very well developed gamer, though, with a soft-touch rubberised rear and glossy front (readily available in more colours than just black, for the design mindful). Arguably the rubbery surface and a little thicker profile makes it more comfortable to run one handed, too. It isn’t rather as soap-bar slippery as the nano.

Capabilities go up to 8GB– the like the nano– as well as battery life is the same, priced quote at 24 hours for music and 5 hours for video, but from here on the two gamers start to diverge. The 1.9 in screen, for instance, has a much lower resolution (220 x 176 pixels) than the QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) one found on the nano. And, apart from the fact that the quality isn’t really as good– colours aren’t quite as natural and it’s far more prone to reflections than the nano’s screen– it doesn’t support smooth 30fps video, forcing you to transform clips to a lowly, and much less watchable, 15fps.

Format assistance is limited to MPEG-4 files at native screen resolution too– a far cry from the outstanding video assistance of the View, which supports WMV and MPEG-4 files at more than the native resolution of the screen (640 x 320). SanDisk does offer a free video converter tool for download from its website, which works really well and is simple to utilize.

Audio Gamer
Smaller sized than a charge card and as thin as a pencil, the brand-new Sansa Fuze MP3 gamer looks terrific– and has the brains to match. With space for up to 1,000 tunes **, you can listen all day. Jam to FM radio with 40 predetermined stations, have fun with the integrated voice recorder, and listen to your favorite audiobooks wherever you go. And with 24 Hr of battery life, you’re complimentary to listen, watch, and play all the time– literally.

Watch Your Favorite Videos
To ensure rapid file transfers, the unit features a USB 2.0 connection. Merely link the player to a PC, and start dragging files from your Windows Media Player 10 or 11 applications.

Expanded Capability
With a choice to extend the capacity, its MicroSD/SDHC sd card slot means storage possibilities are essentially endless. Broaden your music collection, reveal albums of pictures with up to 2,000 images, and enjoy your favorite videos on those long trips.

FM Radio
If you’re feeling like a break from your own tunes, or want to dial in the TV frequency at the gym, utilize the digital FM tuner. Save your favorites on the 40 user presets.

Voice Recorder
Use the voice recorder with integrated microphone to take memos, record meetings or lectures, or capture whatever else you might feel inclined to point a microphone at. When you’re ready, transfer your files for listening on your PC. It is perhaps not as stylised as its iPod rival, but it provides more for your loan, not just in the gadget itself, but integrated with the capacity for expansion through the external microSD slot. Overall, you get the sensation that this gamer is more useful than some popular competitors.

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