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Over 80 percent of Mallomars are offered from the United States, and many western and midwestern retailers don’t carry them even when they are in season. They were , originally sold by Nabisco, the merchant of Mallomars as a seasonal merchandise starting due to a shortage of trucking in 1913. The cookies, which include of marshmallows and graham crackers coated in chocolate, could have melted during shipping if marketed in summertime. The company continues the tradition of sales, though refrigerated trucking is available.

Enjoyed for over 90 decades! Nabisco made Mallomars in 1913 and first sold into a grocer in West Hoboken, NJ. The metropolitan New York City region boasts the most faithful Mallomars lovers. More than 70 percent of all Mallomars sales are created at the shadow of the Big Apple. Made in Canada.

Skillet, root vegetables, and hearty greens are currently coming out of the floor. However outside of these farmers market’s bounty, there’s another seasonal treat out there. We are speaking about Mallomars: graham crackers enrobed in chocolate and topped with a coiffure of marshmallow. The 100th on document, this year’s harvest, is as delicious as ever. Now we live in the age of refrigerators and air conditioners, and still Mallomars follow Mother Earth’s cycle.

They say that you should not question what you can not change–but imagine if we told you how to make your own Mallomars at any time of the year? Read on for tips on keeping and buying this bonne bouche that is addictive, and some specialist guidance on making your own.

Mallomars, these superb graham cracker and marshmallow treats, celebrate this year to a milestone that is serious. On Nov. 13, the Nabisco cookie turns 100 years old. In honor of the event, a bit Mallomars history. Mallomars were first invented after the success of another Nabisco cookiecutter, Marshmallow Crème, that were sold in large square tin containers in the conclusion of the 20th century. The cookie was loved by consumers, but wanted to buy them. Thus, the creation of Mallomars, that were first sold to a grocer at Hoboken, N.J. on Nov. 13, 1913.

Since the chocolate coating has a tendency to melt during summer months, Historically, Mallomars have been available from September. The tradition adheres, despite advances in 9, now. The product availability, but has turned it into something of a cult favorite. However, great news: This year’s Mallomar season is already underway.

Enjoyed for over 90 decades! Mallomars first sold into a grocer in West Hoboken, NJ and were made by Nabisco in 1913. The metropolitan new york area boasts the Mallomars fans. More than 70% of all Mallomars sales are generated at the Big Apple’s shadow. Made in Canada.

How to Store
Store Mallomars in the box that they came in; find a cool location within your house. To protect against shortages in the summertime, buy an additional box or two and pop ’em in the freezer. On a hot day eight months from today, you will be thanked by your future self.

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